7 Bullets On What I'm Doing Now

  1. Focusing on continuously improving my health & fitness. Running, lifting, yoga, walking, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, mindset, & sunlight—right now I'm focused on building a foundation of healthy habits and behaviors that will last me a lifetime.
  2. Going 24 months without alcohol. I went all of 2022 without alcohol and had the biggest year of growth of my life because of it. I'm continuing this in 2023 and plan on writing more about it.
  3. Writing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and this blog. I'm currently writing 365 days straight of Atomic Essay and publishing them on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then, once per week I'm expanding one of those Atomic Essays into a post on this blog.
  4. Building Ship 30 for 30. This is my first current business focus. Ship 30 for 30 is a community-powered writing course that has helped over 6,000 beginners start writing online.
  5. Building Typeshare. This is my second current business focus. Typeshare is a writing platform with everything you need to start writing online—templates, hosting, analytics, and education.
  6. Learning the craft of making YouTube videos. I make occasional YouTube videos that serve as deeper dives into my writing. At the moment, this channel serves as a way for me to improve my skills speaking to a camera.
  7. Living in Miami, Florida. I moved to Miami in June of 2022 and have enjoyed it quite a bit. The sunshine, the beach, the energy, the people, I plan on being here for a while.

7 Bullets On My Last 5 Years

  1. Studied math and played football at Princeton. I graduated in 2018 with a degree in financial engineering and played center for the Tigers. In college, I was a 280-pound offensive lineman, so for the last 5 years, I've had to completely rewrite my personal operating system on the health & fitness front. I currently weigh 185 pounds and have learned a lot along the way!
  2. Graduated and immediately started working for BlackRock in New York City. I worked as a junior hedge fund trader for 4 years, focusing on global macro markets. This was my dream job and the only corporate job I've ever had. In fact, it's the only job *interview* I've ever had (since I interned there as a junior in college).
  3. Realized working for someone else was not going to be the long-term path for me. 12 months into working on Wall Street, I saw someone in their mid-40s ask their boss for permission to go to their son's Little League game. At that moment I realized I wasn't cut out to take directions or instructions from other people for very long.
  4. Started to write on my old blog, then on Twitter. Rather than quit immediately, I started to passively explore other opportunities by writing online, starting out on my old blog (which no one knew existed), then transitioning to Twitter in July of 2020.
  5. Changed my trajectory with a 30-day writing challenge, which led me to start Ship 30 for 30. In September 2020 I was ready to give up writing entirely. But I gave it one more shot, this time moving from a weekly blog post to a daily Twitter thread. The challenge was a huge success. It took me 9 months to reach 100 followers and 1 month to go from 100 to 2,000. And that personal writing challenge turned into the foundation of Ship 30 for 30, which started as nothing but a Slack accountability group to help people publish consistently.
  6. Scaled Ship 30 while working remotely for all of 2021. I built and scaled Ship 30 with Nicolas Cole to over 2,000 students in 2021—all while continuing to work full-time (remotely) for BlackRock. But towards the end of 2021, Ship 30 hit an inflection point and it no longer made financial sense for me to continue working on Wall Street.
  7. Left BlackRock in March of 2022 to write and build on my own. After weeks of weighing the pros and cons and trying to project my path forward, I made the decision to leave BlackRock and chart my own path. 9 months into making that decision and I'm confident it's the best one I've ever made.

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